Wafer-scalable, aligned carbon nanotube transistors operating at frequencies of over 100 GHz

We report the wafer-scalable fabrication of aligned carbon nanotube field-effect transistors operating at gigahertz frequencies

Christopher Rutherglen; Alexander A. Kane; Philbert F. Marsh; Tyler A. Cain; Basem I. Hassan; Mohammed R. AlShareef; Chongwu Zhou; Kosmas Galatsis


Scholarcy highlights

  • Wireless device technology operating in the millimetre-wave regime increasingly needs to offer both high performance and a high level of integration with complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor technology
  • Additional support was provided by the US Army STTR contract No W911NF19P002
  • Technology development management and strategic technical planning were performed by C.R., K.G., C.Z. and M.R.A
  • The authors declare the following competing financial interest: C.R., A.A.K., P.F.M., T.A.C. and K.G. are employees of Carbonics Inc., a startup company focused on commercializing CNT transistors for microwave and millimetre-wave applications
  • C.Z. is a co-founder and shareholder of Carbonics Inc

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