Fungal lipochitooligosaccharide symbiotic signals in arbuscular mycorrhiza

We show that Glomus intraradices secretes symbiotic signals that are a mixture of sulphated and non-sulphated simple lipochitooligosaccharides, which stimulate formation of Arbuscular mycorrhiza in plant species of diverse families

Fabienne Maillet; Véréna Poinsot; Olivier André; Virginie Puech-Pagès; Alexandra Haouy; Monique Gueunier; Laurence Cromer; Delphine Giraudet; Damien Formey; Andreas Niebel; Eduardo Andres Martinez; Hugues Driguez; Guillaume Bécard; Jean Dénarié


Scholarcy highlights

  • Arbuscular mycorrhiza is a root endosymbiosis between plants and glomeromycete fungi
  • UPLC/QToF was performed by V.P. and V.P.-P., and QTRAP by V.P.-P
  • J.D. conceived and directed the project, and wrote the manuscript with the help of F.M., V.P. and G.B

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