A single Eu2+-activated high-color-rendering oxychloride white-light phosphor for white-light-emitting diodes

We present a high color-rendering index white-light phosphor, Sr5(PO4)3-x(BO3)xCl:Eu21, composed of Sr5(PO4)3Cl as the beginning member and Sr5(BO3)3Cl as the end member

Peng-Peng Dai; Cong Li; Xin-Tong Zhang; Jun Xu; Xi Chen; Xiu-Li Wang; Yan Jia; Xiaojun Wang; Yi-Chun Liu


Scholarcy highlights

  • White-light-emitting diodes fabricated with near ultravioletLED and tricolor phosphors are a potential substitute for current lighting sources
  • The white-light phosphors showed a greater R9 5 90.2 under excitation at 365 nm. This result has rarely been reported in the literature and is greater than that of commercial Y3Al5O12:Ce31-based WLEDs. These findings demonstrate the great potential of Sr5(PO4)3-x(BO3)xCl:0.04Eu21 as a white-light phosphor for near-UV phosphor-converted WLEDs
  • A conventional strategy using single-phased white-light phosphors is to co-dope ion pairs based on the energy transfer principle, e.g., Eu21R1Mn21, Eu21RTb31/Mn21, Ce31RMn21, and Ce31RTb31/Mn21 pairs
  • The weak Mn21 d-d transitions usually lead to additional excitation quenching paths to reduce the quantum yield and thermal stability
  • This study provides a shortcut for developing a high color-rendering index white-light phosphor from a singleEu21-doped compound
  • This study provides an important shortcut for developing a high CRI white-light phosphor from singleEu21-doped compounds

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