Uniform Graphene Quantum Dots Patterned from Self-Assembled Silica Nanodots

We report the size-controlled fabrication of uniform graphene quantum dot using self-assembled block copolymer as an etch mask on graphene films grown by chemical vapor deposition

Jinsup Lee; Kyungho Kim; Woon Ik Park; Bo-Hyun Kim; Jong Hyun Park; Tae-Heon Kim; Sungyool Bong; Chul-Hong Kim; GeeSung Chae; Myungchul Jun; Yongkee Hwang; Yeon Sik Jung; Seokwoo Jeon


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  • Graphene dots precisely controlled in size are interesting in nanoelectronics due to their quantum optical and electrical properties
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  • Electron microscope images show that as-prepared graphene quantum dot are composed of mono- or bilayer graphene with diameters of 10 and 20 nm, corresponding to the size of block copolymer nanospheres
  • In the measured photoluminescence spectra, the emission peak of the GQDs on the SiO2 substrate is shown to be at ∼395 nm
  • Oxygen content in the GQDs is rationally controlled by additional air plasma treatment, which reveals the effect of oxygen content to the PL property
  • Such files may be downloaded by article for research use

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