High-Performance Transparent Laminates Based on Highly Oriented Polyethylene Films

We evaluated both UD

Yunyin Lin; Jun Cao; Meifang Zhu; Emiliano Bilotti; Han Zhang; Cees W. M. Bastiaansen; Ton Peijs


Scholarcy highlights

  • Composite laminates reinforced with high performance fibers such as carbon, glass, polyethylene and aramids, are increasingly used in aerospace, automotive, sports, and other fields like renewable energy owing to their high specific modulus and strength
  • All these three interlayer materials are employed here to assess their performance in current high-density polyethylene transparent composites
  • To study the effect of the number of reinforcing HDPE layers on the optical transmittance of the resulting composite laminates, laminates with different numbers of thermoplastic polyurethane coated HDPE films were analyzed by UV-vis transmittance spectra using a sample-to-detector distance of 40 cm to mimic the far field
  • High performance transparent composite laminates based on highly oriented HDPE films sandwiched between either glass or PC have been successfully manufactured with a good combination of high optical transparency, good tensile properties and penetration resistance
  • Far field transmittance values of around 85−90 % at 550 nm were achieved in laminates consisting of 1−4 layers of HDPE
  • It was found that transmittance dropped by 1−2 % with every additional layer of thermoplastic polyurethane coated high-density polyethylene due to increased reflections and light scattering at interfaces, regardless of a UD or BD lay-up within the laminates

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