Thermoelectric Power Generation from Lanthanum Strontium Titanium Oxide at Room Temperature through the Addition of Graphene

We show that the thermal operating window of lanthanum strontium titanium oxide can be reduced to room temperature by the addition of a small amount of graphene

Yue Lin; Colin Norman; Deepanshu Srivastava; Feridoon Azough; Li Wang; Mark Robbins; Kevin Simpson; Robert Freer; Ian A. Kinloch


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  • The thermal conductivity of the nanocomposites decreased upon the addition of graphene, whereas the electrical conductivity and power factor both increased significantly
  • These factors, together with a moderate Seebeck coefficient, meant that a high power factor of ∼2500 μWm–1 K–2 was reached at room temperature at a loading of 0.6 wt % graphene
  • The applications of strontium titanium oxide based thermoelectric materials are currently limited by their high operating temperatures of >700 °C
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Strontium Doped Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite for the Electrochemical Decoloration of a Textile Dye from Aqueous Medium

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