Anomalous Behaviors of Visible Luminescence from Graphene Quantum Dots: Interplay between Size and Shape

We present size-dependent shape/edge-state variations of graphene quantum dots and visible photoluminescence showing anomalous size dependences

Sung Kim; Sung Won Hwang; Min-Kook Kim; Dong Yeol Shin; Dong Hee Shin; Chang Oh Kim; Seung Bum Yang; Jae Hee Park; Euyheon Hwang; Suk-Ho Choi; Geunwoo Ko; Sunghyun Sim; Cheolsoo Sone; Hyoung Joon Choi; Sukang Bae; Byung Hee Hong


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  • For the application of graphene quantum dots to optoelectronic nanodevices, it is of critical importance to understand the mechanisms which result in novel phenomena of their light absorption/emission
  • With varying the average size of GQDs from 5 to 35 nm, the peak energy of the absorption spectra monotonically decreases, while that of the visible PL spectra unusually shows nonmonotonic behaviors having a minimum at da = ∼17 nm
  • The PL behaviors can be attributed to the novel feature of GQDs, that is, the circular-to-polygonal-shape and corresponding edge-state variations of GQDs at da = ∼17 nm as the GQD size increases, as demonstrated by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy
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