Size-Dependent Extinction Coefficients of PbS Quantum Dots

We report here on a detailed study on PbS colloidal quantum dots

Ludovico Cademartiri; Erica Montanari; Gianluca Calestani; Andrea Migliori; Antonietta Guagliardi; Geoffrey A. Ozin


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  • We report here on a detailed study on PbS colloidal quantum dots
  • A characterization via X-ray diffraction and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy allowed us to reliably determine the diameter and the shape of the nanocrystals. These data, together with second-derivative analysis of the absorption spectra, allowed us to determine the size dependence of seven transitions in the absorption spectrum; some of these transitions were identified on the basis of their normalized confinement energy
  • The extinction coefficients were calculated using concentrations obtained from inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry, and their size dependence was found to follow a power law with exponent equal to ∼2.5
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