Composition and Size-Dependent Extinction Coefficient of Colloidal PbSe Quantum Dots

We find that ϵ scales with the nanocrystal volume, irrespective of the Q-PbSe size

Iwan Moreels; Karel Lambert; David De Muynck; Frank Vanhaecke; Dirk Poelman; José C. Martins; Guy Allan; Zeger Hens


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  • Coupled plasma mass spectrometry was combined with UV–vis−NIR spectrophotometry and transmission electron microscopy to determine the nanocrystal composition and molar extinction coefficient ϵ of colloidal PbSe quantum dot suspensions
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  • Its value is in good agreement with the theoretical value for bulk PbSe
  • Calculations of the oscillator strength of the first optical transition are in good agreement with theoretical tight binding calculations, showing that the oscillator strength increases linearly with Q-PbSe size
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