Does evolutionary relatedness predict ecological similarity?

Our results show no relationship between ecological affinity and phylogeny

Judith A. Sclafani; Curtis R. Congreve; Mark E. Patzkowsky


Scholarcy highlights

  • A fundamental question in paleobiology is whether ecology is correlated with evolutionary history
  • By combining time-calibrated phylogenetic trees with genus occurrence data through time, we can understand how environmental preferences are distributed on a tree and evaluate support for models of ecological similarity
  • We calculated ecological difference and phylogenetic distance between species pairs for 83 taxa used in recent phylogenetic revisions of the brachiopod order Strophomenida
  • Ecological difference was calculated as the pairwise distance along gradients of water depth, carbonate, and latitudinal affinity
  • Phylogenetic distance was calculated as the pairwise branch length between tips of the tree
  • Patterns and consequences of interspecific competition in natural communities: a review of field experiments with plants

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