Mendel, 150 years on

We review what is known about the molecular nature of these genes, which encode enzymes, a biochemical regulator and a transcription factor

T.H. Noel Ellis; Julie M.I. Hofer; Gail M. Timmerman-Vaughan; Clarice J. Coyne; Roger P. Hellens


Scholarcy highlights

  • Mendel's paper ‘Versuche über Pflanzen-Hybriden’ is the best known in a series of studies published in the late 18th and 19th centuries that built our understanding of the mechanism of inheritance
  • Mendel investigated the segregation of seven gene characters of pea, of which four have been identified
  • The Arabidopsis-accelerated cell death gene ACD1 is involved in oxygenation of pheophorbide a: Inhibition of the pheophorbide a oxygenase activity does not lead to the “stay-green” phenotype in Arabidopsis
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