Electronic, thermal, and optical properties of graphene like SiC structures: Significant effects of Si atom configurations

Thermal, and optical characteristics of graphene like SiCx structure using model calculations based on density functional theory

Nzar Rauf Abdullah; Gullan Ahmed Mohammed; Hunar Omar Rashid; Vidar Gudmundsson


Scholarcy highlights

  • The discovery of carbon-related materials and their development has been considered to be crucial for the future of technology
  • We will show the influence of Si atomic configurations, and the Si-Si interactions on the electronic, thermal and optical characteristics using model calculations based on Density Functional Theory
  • The two Si atoms are put at the para- and the meta-position, i. e. the Si atoms are at the same sublattice positions, forming g-SiC-2
  • In summary, the characteristics of monolayer graphenelike materials with SiCx stoichiometry are investigated where the position of the Si atoms plays an important role for their physical properties
  • The optical properties, such as the dielectric and the electron energy loss function are influenced by the tuning of the bandgap
  • A maximum value of Lorenz number is found around resonant scattering states

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