Natural products against acute respiratory infections: Strategies and lessons learned

Strategies to identify natural products against Acute respiratory infections During the evaluation of literature data on natural products targeting ARIs we found that ethnopharmacological knowledge is the main criterion for selecting natural starting materials for further investigations

Julia Langeder; Ulrike Grienke; Ya Chen; Johannes Kirchmair; Michaela Schmidtke; Judith M. Rollinger


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  • Acute respiratory infections CC50 CPE HTS IC50 IV MIC mRNA MTS RNA RV acute respiratory infections 50% cytotoxic concentration cytopathic effect high throughput screening 50% inhibitory concentration influenza virus minimum inhibitory concentration messenger ribonucleic acid medium throughput screening ribonucleic acid rhinovirus
  • Aim of the review: The present work provides a timely overview of natural products affecting the most common pathogens involved in ARIs, in particular influenza viruses and rhinoviruses as well as bacteria involved in co-infections, their molecular targets, their role in drug discovery, and the current portfolio of available naturally derived anti-ARI drugs
  • We observe a tendency towards assaying for broad-spectrum antivirals and antibacterials mainly discovered in interdisciplinary academic settings, and ascertain a clear demand for more translational studies to strengthen efforts for the development of effective and safe therapeutic agents for patients suffering from ARIs
  • Evaluating the impact of natural products to combat ARIs, this review critically addresses the relevance of traditional knowledge as a main criterion for the biased selection of starting materials and the strategies which have been pursued
  • Regarding the overall influence of natural products on ARIs within the last ten years we encountered a vast amount of literature data
  • NP-Scout assigns a natural product class probability of 0.8 to approximately 70,000 compounds, meaning that these compounds are either genuine natural products or have a substantial amount of structural features characteristic to natural products
  • As ARIs in many cases are characterized by a complex interplay of more than one pathogen, testing natural products against one distinct virus or bacterium represents only a part of the puzzle
  • In the current literature such multi-targeting approaches are rather the exceptions than the rule

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