Supply chain sustainability: A tertiary literature review

Our research indicates that this is the first tertiary study dedicated to the topic of Sustainable Supply Chain Management

C.L. Martins; M.V. Pato


Scholarcy highlights

  • Chain Management has been one of the most productive research fields in management sciences for a long time
  • The set of activities performed across the supply chain, from extraction of natural resources to their transformation into manufactured goods and delivery to consumers offers a wide range of research material that continues to motivate scholars and practitioners alike
  • This study provides a comprehensive review on the current status of Sustainable Supply Chain Management research
  • We develop an optimization model that allows us to investigate the interplay of different decision-makers and to compute the resultant network equilibrium pattern of productions, transactions, inventory levels, prices, and sustainability levels in the network over the multiperiod planning horizon
  • Using Content, Context and Process framework, we have studied 104 peer-reviewed articles, published in the literature on sustainable supply chain management and green supply chain management
  • The results show that various measurement approaches are used to assess sustainability in different sectors and supply chain echelons
  • This study identifies and consolidates various relevant factors to develop a Sustainable Supply Chain Management construct conducive to service supply chains

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