IoT security: Review, blockchain solutions, and open challenges

We present and survey major security issues for Internet of Things

Minhaj Ahmad Khan


Scholarcy highlights

  • With the advent of smart homes, smart cities, and smart everything, the Internet of Things has emerged as an area of incredible impact, potential, and growth, with Cisco Inc. predicting to have 50 billion connected devices by 2020. Most of these IoT devices are easy to hack and compromise. These IoT devices are limited in compute, storage, and network capacity, and they are more vulnerable to attacks than other endpoint devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers
  • We present and survey major security issues for IoT
  • We review and categorize popular security issues with regard to the IoT layered architecture, in addition to protocols used for networking, communication, and management
  • We tabulate and map IoT security problems against existing solutions found in the literature
  • Khaled Salah is a full professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Khalifa University, UAE
  • He is a senior member of IEEE, and serves on the Editorial Boards of many WOS-listed journals including IET Communications, IET Networks, Elsevier’s JNCA, Wiley’s SCN, Wiley’s IJNM, J.UCS, and AJSE

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