Highly selective adsorption of lead ions by water-dispersible magnetic chitosan/graphene oxide composites

The results indicated that Pb(II) ions sorption on Magnetic chitosan/graphene oxide was strongly dependent on pH

Lulu Fan; Chuannan Luo; Min Sun; Xiangjun Li; Huamin Qiu


Scholarcy highlights

  • Magnetic chitosan/graphene oxide materials were fabricated through a facile and fast process and their application as excellent adsorbents for metal ions was demonstrated
  • The SEM and TEM revealed that magnetic chitosan had been assembled on the surface of graphene oxide layers with a high density
  • The XRD and VSM indicated the MCGO had enough magnetic response to meet the need of magnetic separation
  • The magnetic chitosan grafted with graphene oxide sheets showed an increased surface area
  • The MCGO was used as sorbents for the removal of Pb(II) ions from large volumes of aqueous solutions
  • ► Magnetic chitosangraphene oxide was successfully synthesized. ► Magnetic chitosangraphene oxide acted as a novel adsorbent to adsorb Pb(II). ► The adsorption capacity of the biosorbent is higher than other adsorbents. ► It shows the facile and fast separation process of the biosorbent. ► Desorption studies were performed to evaluate adsorbent efficiency

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