Akt-Dependent Metabolic Reprogramming Regulates Tumor Cell Histone Acetylation

We demonstrate that acetyl-CoA is dynamically regulated by glucose availability in cancer cells and that the ratio of acetyl-CoA:coenzyme A within the nucleus modulates global histone acetylation levels

Joyce V. Lee; Alessandro Carrer; Supriya Shah; Nathaniel W. Snyder; Shuanzeng Wei; Sriram Venneti; Andrew J. Worth; Zuo-Fei Yuan; Hee-Woong Lim; Shichong Liu; Ellen Jackson; Nicole M. Aiello; Naomi B. Haas; Timothy R. Rebbeck; Alexander Judkins; Kyoung-Jae Won; Lewis A. Chodosh; Benjamin A. Garcia; Ben Z. Stanger; Michael D. Feldman; Ian A. Blair; Kathryn E. Wellen


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