Developmental Disabilities Modification of the Children’s Global Assessment Scale

Functional impairment is a critical aspect of mental illness

Ann Wagner


Scholarcy highlights

  • Functional impairment is a critical aspect of mental illness
  • Given the absence of a rating instrument that yields a quantitative measure of global functioning for use in clinical trials involving children with developmental disabilities, the Children’s Global Assessment Scale was modified by adapting the anchor points and the administration procedure to the characteristics of children with developmental disabilities including pervasive developmental disorders
  • This report describes the Developmental Disability-Child Global Assessment Scale and presents data on its inter-rater reliability, temporal stability, convergent validity, and sensitivity to change during treatment when applied to a population of children with PDD
  • The DD-CGAS is a clinician rating of global functioning for children with PDD
  • Designed to accommodate a wide range of functioning, with both inter- and intra-subject variability in degree and type of impairment, it is accompanied by instructions and a scoring grid to assist with rating
  • The DD-CGAS was found to have excellent inter-rater reliability and temporal stability over an interval of several months when raters based their scores on clinical vignettes
  • Preliminary evidence from a subset of subjects suggested that the DD-Children’s Global Assessment Scale may be sensitive to treatment effects, the small sample size necessitates caution in interpreting the results of this uncontrolled trial

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