Interventions to prevent and reduce physician burnout: a systematic review and meta-analysis

We considered potential eligibility of the abstracts and extracted data from eligible studies using a standardised form

Colin P West; Liselotte N Dyrbye; Patricia J Erwin; Tait D Shanafelt


Scholarcy highlights

  • Physician burnout has reached epidemic levels, as documented in national studies of both physicians in training and practising physicians
  • That evidence suggests that burnout negatively affects physicians’ effectiveness and availability to patients, as well as patient safety, physicians, health-care organisations, and the public are justifiably worried about quality of patient care and the health of health-care institutions
  • In the UK, physician burnout—typified by emotional exhaustion, depersonalisation, and a sense of reduced personal accomplishment—has reached epidemic proportions, according to an Article published in The Lancet in September, 2016
  • The emotive circumstances of Hui's devotion to his work and his family's selfless donation have triggered an outpouring of grief and sympathy online, with many people expressing their condolences to his family, as well as raising concerns about physician burnout in China

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