An RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase Gene in Arabidopsis Is Required for Posttranscriptional Gene Silencing Mediated by a Transgene but Not by a Virus

We describe four genetic loci that are required for posttranscriptional gene silencing in Arabidopsis

Tamas Dalmay; Andrew Hamilton; Stephen Rudd; Susan Angell; David C Baulcombe


Scholarcy highlights

  • Posttranscriptional gene silencing in plants, quelling in fungi, and RNA interference in animals are responses to various types of foreign nucleic acid including viruses, transposons, transgenes, and doublestrandedRNA
  • The SDE1 protein is required for transgene silencing but not for virusinduced PTGS and, based on that finding, we propose that the role of SDE1 is to produce a dsRNA activator of PTGS
  • Mutation Analysis of PTGS in Arabidopsis To identify genes required for PTGS, we carried out fast neutron mutagenesis of an Arabidopsis line
  • This line is derived from the F2 progeny of a cross between parental lines GFP142 and Amp243 carrying 35S-green fluorescent protein and 35SPVX:GFP transgenes, respectively
  • The GxA line carries both transgenes in the homozygous condition and exhibits strong PTGS, manifested as the almost complete absence of GFP RNA
  • According to this idea, when a virus induces posttranscriptional gene silencing, the virus-encoded RNA polymerase would produce the double-stranded RNA and SDE1 would be redundant

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