Effect of stress on atopic dermatitis: Investigation in patients after the Great Hanshin Earthquake☆☆☆★

The results presented here strongly suggest that stress caused by a natural disaster influences atopic dermatitis symptoms.

Atsuko Kodama


Scholarcy highlights

  • Background: a variety of factors are responsible for atopic dermatitis, very little is known about the effect of stress caused by a natural disaster on AD symptoms
  • Exacerbation of skin symptoms was found in 38% and 34% of patients in areas A and B, respectively, whereas similar exacerbation was seen in 7% of control patients
  • The stricken area was divided into 2 groups according to the official reports by Kobe city officials and Hyogo Prefecture in Japan: a severely destroyed area, where more than 20% of buildings and houses had collapsed, and a less destroyed area, where less than 20% of houses had collapsed
  • A multiple logistic regression analysis shows that subjective distress is the most responsible factor for increased AD symptoms among the questioned items
  • A natural disaster such as the Great Hanshin Earthquake causes a great deal of mental and physical distress, even though the level of stress is not be uniformly distributed among all people
  • A multivariate logistic regression analysis in this study, indicates that subjective distress itself is more responsible than cessation of medication in the exacerbation of atopic dermatitis symptoms

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