HIF-1α and p53: the ODD couple?

In the article ‘HIF-1α and p53: the ODD couple?’ by Diane R

Diane R. Fels; Constantinos Koumenis


Scholarcy highlights

  • In the article ‘HIF-1α and p53: the ODD couple?’ by Diane R
  • Fels and Constantinos Koumenis, which was published in the August issue of Trends in Biochemical Sciences, there is a sentence that the authors are concerned might not be clear to the readers
  • On page 314, at the end of the section ‘Interaction between p53 and HIF-1α’, the magnitude of the dissociation constant of 200±18 μM that is quoted refers to the binding of HIF-1α to the isolated core domain of p53, not to the whole protein
  • It might lead to wrong assumptions regarding the in vitro binding of HIF-1α to the whole p53 protein
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