Recyclable, robust and shape memory vitrified polyisoprene composite prepared through a green methodology

We present a facile and green methodology to prepare covalently cross-linked yet recyclable and robust polyisoprene-based vitrimer

Zhen Niu


Scholarcy highlights

  • Construct a dynamic exchange interface between carbon nanodots and polyisoprene, and realize recycling and reshaping of rubber materials
  • The vitrified polyisoprene rubber composite can be used as a shape memory material
  • Due to the weak mechanical performance of raw rubber, it cannot meet the actual use requirements, cross-linking and reinforcement have been the eternal theme of rubber materials
  • This permanent crosslinking structure brings the dilemma that the rubber materials cannot be recycled after the life cycle, which causes energy waste and serious environmental pollution
  • The dynamic exchangeable interface enables carbon nanodots well-dispersed in the epoxidized polyisoprene matrix, which exhibited high reinforcement efficiency on the mechanical properties of EPI composite

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