Patterns in teacher learning in different phases of the professional career

The aim of this paper is to review the existing literature on how teachers learn in different phases of their professional career

Jan D. Vermunt


Scholarcy highlights

  • It is not easy to be a contemporary teacher
  • As stated in the introduction, a ‘learning pattern’ is an integrative concept capturing major individual differences in the way people go about learning. These individual differences may reside in the constituting elements, as well as in the relationships between these elements
  • An advantage of the integrative concept compared to the constituting elements lies exactly in these interrelationships
  • The study focuses on students' perceptions of three areas related to 21st-century skills: learning skills, collaboration dispositions, and skills to use ICT
  • The results show that the three areas evolved in different ways
  • The measured areas appear as separate entities throughout the bachelor's studies, with small or non-significant correlations. These results reveal important new perspectives on how pre-service teachers perceive 21st-century skills and how perceptions evolve during teacher education
  • This study examines four preservice teachers' learning pathways for one science teaching practice, supporting students to construct evidence-based claims, during a two-year practice-based teacher education program

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