Ruthenium vinyl carbene intermediates in enyne metathesis

This review provides an overview of ruthenium vinyl carbene reactivity as it relates to enyne metathesis

Steven T. Diver


Scholarcy highlights

  • Enyne metathesis has emerged as an important synthetic method to construct conjugated dienes
  • We have already seen two ruthenium vinyl carbene complexes that have been used in alkene and enyne metathesis
  • Ruthenium vinyl carbenes are the important intermediates in enyne metathesis and serve to distinguish the enyne metathesis from alkene metathesis
  • Other complexes were synthesized as initiators for metathesis
  • The ligand environments that result in metathesis catalytic activity fall into the Grubbs subfamilies or the Dixneuf family
  • The equilibration of intermediate vinyl carbenes was employed to improve the stereoselectivity of a tandem enyne metathesis for 1,3-cyclohexadiene ring synthesis

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