General fabrication of metal oxide nanoparticles modified graphene for supercapacitors by laser ablation

We described the development of a versatile approach for fabricating SC electrodes by impregnating Metal oxide nanoparticles synthesized by laser ablation in liquid on laser-induced graphene

Chenguang Zhu; Xia Dong; Xuesong Mei; Meng Gao; Kedian Wang; Dongmei Zhao


Scholarcy highlights

  • Metal oxide nanoparticles-graphene composites are highly valued candidate electrode materials for electrochemical supercapacitor
  • The MSC exhibits long-life cycling stability and good mechanical flexibility
  • MONPs and laser-induced graphene are prepared using the same laser processing system, and no chemical ligands or reducing agents used in the synthesis process, which is cost-effective and green
  • This simple and straightforward method provide a highly operable solution for the large-scale preparation of MSC

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