Microarray techniques for more rapid protein quantification: Use of single spot multiplex analysis and a vibration reaction unit

We introduce several novel techniques that address these needs

Yukie Sasakura


Scholarcy highlights

  • Protein microarray technology is a powerful, popular tool for the high-throughput analysis of protein interactions
  • Our improved protein microarray-based sandwich immunoassay techniques allow researchers to: control the size and shape of protein spots on the microarray using a perforated seal; analyze two proteins within a single spot, increasing the number of tests run on a single microarray without increasing the number of protein spots; improve the efficiency and speed of the Ag–Ab interaction through vibratory reagent convection, which increased the signal intensity by more than two-fold and decreased the reaction time from 30 to 10 min
  • These new techniques will facilitate rapid immunoassays for diagnostic purposes and other research areas utilizing protein microarray analysis, such as investigations of ligand–receptor or protein–small molecule interactions

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