Residents’ satisfaction with public services in mountainous areas: An empirical study of southwestern Sichuan Province, China

The results indicate that: 1) the spatial distribution of satisfaction with public services is non-uniform, and the spatial distribution structure varies for different types of public services. 2) Residents’ satisfaction with public services is influenced by both objective and subjective factors

Xueqian Song; Wei Deng; Ying Liu; Chen Zhao; Jiangjun Wan


Scholarcy highlights

  • Evaluation on entropy weighted TOPSIS index of urban public service satisfaction in china: an empirical study based on Lien survey of public service in china
  • A study on equalization of basic public service in rural and urban areas in the process of urbanization in China: analytical framework and path choosing from a supply- demand perspective
  • Foundation item: Under the auspices of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Foundation of Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, Soft Science Research Projects of Science and Technology Office of Sichuan Province, Research Foundation of Chengdu University of Information Technology

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