Variation in the nrDNA ITS sequences of some powdery mildew species: do routine molecular identification procedures hide valuable information?

We show that such differences in the ITS sequences can be detected even in a single sample of a powdery mildew fungus

Gábor M. Kovács


Key concepts

Scholarcy highlights

  • NrDNA ITS sequences have supported the identification of many powdery mildew fungi because comprehensive analyses showed that differences in these sequences have always correlated with the delimitation of different species and formae speciales of the Erysiphales
  • No ITS nucleotide polymorphisms were found in samples of O. lycopersici and Erysiphe aquilegiae
  • This suggests that some powdery mildew taxa are more variable at the ITS level than others
  • The ITS sequences determined by direct sequencing represent robust data useful in delimitation and phylogenetic analysis of distinct species of the Erysiphales, these need to be used with precaution, and preferably determined after cloning, especially when dealing with closely related taxa at species and sub-species levels
  • With this method a hitherto undetected genetic diversity of powdery mildews can be revealed

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