Determination of bromate via the chemiluminescence generated in the sulfite and carbon quantum dot system

The authors describe a chemiluminescence -based assay for the determination of bromate

Liping Li; Xiaojing Lai; Xin Xu; Jie Li; Ping Yuan; Jiangao Feng; Lijun Wei; Xianglei Cheng


Scholarcy highlights

  • The authors describe a chemiluminescence-based assay for the determination of bromate
  • The method is based on the use of a solution of carbon quantum dots and sulfite
  • A possible CL mechanism is suggested that involves a redox reaction between the CQDs, bromate and sulfite in the acidic medium
  • This leads to the formation of hole-injected and electron-injected CQDs
  • Radiative recombination of oxidant-injected holes and electrons in the CQDs accounts for the occurrence of CL. This mechanism contradicts the previous assumption that the transfer of energy occurs from SO2* to the CQDs
  • The assay is sensitive and represents a new tool for the determination of bromate, which is a carcinogen

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