Fine mapping and candidate gene analysis of the novel thermo-sensitive genic male sterility tms9-1 gene in rice

Our study identified a novel TGMS locus and will facilitate the functional identification of the tms9-1 gene

Yongbin Qi


Scholarcy highlights

  • Photoperiod-thermo-sensitive genic male sterility has been widely used in the two-line hybrid rice breeding system
  • Our genetic analysis showed that the TGMS gene in HengnongS-1 was controlled by a single recessive gene that was non-allelic with the other TGMS loci identified, including C815S, Zhu1S and Y58S
  • Sequencing of other rice accessions, including six Photoperiod-thermo-sensitive genic male sterility lines, seven indica varieties and nine japonica varieties, showed that this SNP was exclusive to HengnongS-1
  • The markers linked to the tms9-1 gene will provide useful tools for the development of new TGMS lines by marker-assisted selection in two-line hybrid rice breeding programs

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