DNA-methylation alterations and exchanges during in vitro cellular differentiation in rose (Rosa hybrida L.)

DNA-methylation profiles of leaf tissues of Rosa hybrida cv

Mingliang Xu


Scholarcy highlights

  • DNA-methylation profiles of leaf tissues of Rosa hybrida cv
  • Sequence analysis of the three types of amplified fragment-length polymorphism bands revealed that a nonmethylated MspI/HpaII-recognition site 5′-CCGG-3′ resulted in a type I band, while an inner 5-methylcytosine generated most type II and type III bands
  • Methylation alteration of an inner cytosine was responsible for exchange between type I and type II, while hemimethylation of an outer cytosine accounted for exchange between type I and type III AFLP bands
  • Variations in methylation profiles significantly differed between somatic embryogenesis and in vitro organogenesis
  • Demethylation of outer cytosines occurred at a high frequency during somatic embryogenesis, and most altered AFLP bands in embryogenic callus were passed on to its regenerants
  • About 40% of inner and 20% of outer cytosines in 5′-CCGG-3′ sequences were fully methylated, and only a few hemimethylated outer cytosines were observed
  • Most methylation-altered AFLP bands during organogenesis were recovered in shoot regenerants derived via organogenic callus
  • Xu ML, Ernesto H, Korban SS Development of sequence-characterized amplified regions from amplified fragment length polymorphism markers tightly linked to the Vf gene in apple

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