Automatic detection and classification of emotional states in virtual reality and standard environments (LCD): comparing valence and arousal of induced emotions

In the Related Work section, we present an overview of the current research effort

Martin Magdin; Zoltán Balogh; Jaroslav Reichel; Jan Francisti; Štefan Koprda; Molnár György


Scholarcy highlights

  • Psychology but other scientific disciplines have placed the emotional state in their focus of inquiry
  • In the Related Work section, we focus on works that examine the induction and classification of emotional states from different perspectives, among them psychology, and data processing—artificial intelligence, computer vision
  • The obtained data were analysed to identify a potential significant difference in the perception of one’s emotion in the movie experience evoked by virtual reality and traditional LCD monitor
  • We focused on evoking emotional states through images from a standardized NAPS database, where software failed to classify emotional states and valence assessment did not correlate with participant assessment
  • We can state that Affdex can be considered as a reference tool for experimental solutions to issues related to valence in evoked emotional states
  • The analysis of the obtained data showed that the answers of our respondents were highly correlated with the valence reference values, which were obtained by standard Affdex methodologies
  • We can consider that the respondents’ answers are credible

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