Anisotropic strength of composites

Based on the results of the analysis presented, composites may be designed to incorporate an optimum utilization of the inherent strength characteristics of the constitutent materials

V. D. Azzi; S. W. Tsai


Scholarcy highlights

  • The present investigation is concerned with the development of a theory of strength of anisotropic composite materials and the establishment of sound experimental procedures for the confirmation of the predicted results
  • A general theory is stated whereby the strength of laminated as well as unidirectional composite materials subjected to any state of combined stress can be predicted once the basic strength characteristics of a unidirectional layer have been determined
  • The transversely isotropic layer is treated in detail and, based on the understanding of the mechanical behavior of laminated composites, the procedure outlined for determining the strength of laminated systems
  • An experimental program was conducted, using glass-filament-reinforced resin test spceimens, and data obtained confirmed the results predicted for the strength of unidirectional composites

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