Atomic Assembly of Magnetoresistive Multilayers

We describe the origins of this effect and the role of the atomic scale defects that can significantly reduce the performance of devices

Haydn Wadley


Scholarcy highlights

  • The continuing ability to create ever higher performance microelectronic and photonic devises has underpinned many of the most important technological developments of the last 50 years
  • The shapes of the resulting objects and that of the numerous materials within them are controlled using patterning methods and selective etching methods which have been facilitated by rapid advances in lithographic technologies
  • The research community has responded to these challenges by developing new vapor deposition tools that can precisely control the vapor plumes incident upon a patterned substrate
  • These tools attempt to manipulate and control the subsequent chemical reactions and physical assembly processes that occur on and within the vapor deposited film. The complexity of this has motivated interest in techniques that permit the visualization of the assembly processes, either experimentally or by modeling and simulation

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