Control Analysis of Biliary Lipid Secretion

That mdr2 P-glycoprotein is an important controlling step as well

Albert K. Groen; Ronald P.J. Oude Elferink; Joseph M. Tager


Scholarcy highlights

  • Biliary lipid secretion is a complex process involving a multitude of metabolic pathways
  • Bile was collected and biliary lipids were determined by standard techniques.Results: To simplify the pathway we have lumped all reactions involved in BSsec into bile in one step
  • Since this step is not controlled by the canalicular BS concentration, the FCC of BS secretion on phospholipid secretion could be calculated from a plot between BS and PL secretion
  • The sum of the FCCs of both steps is always much higher than 100% implicating the presence of step(s) which exert negative control
  • Since PLsec showed linear kinetics towards canalicular BS the FCC could be calculated via the Deviation index
  • We hypothesize that steps controlling biliary water transport account for negative control

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