Selective Photooxidation Reactions using Water-Soluble Anthraquinone Photocatalysts

We investigated the stability of sodium anthraquinone sulfonate under the reaction conditions

Wuyuan Zhang; Jenő Gacs; Isabel W. C. E. Arends; Frank Hollmann


Scholarcy highlights

  • The aerobic organocatalytic oxidation of alcohols was achieved by using water-soluble sodium anthraquinone sulfonate
  • A interesting field is organo-photocatalysis, which exploits the unique reactivities of photoexcited organic dyes. Benzophenones and anthraquinones are among these promising photoredox catalysts
  • sodium anthraquinone sulfonate has so far only been evaluated as a catalyst for the oxidation of alcohols
  • The oxyfunctionalization of CÀH bonds has only been scarcely considered with SAS
  • Inspired by recent contributions from Wolf and Kçnig, who reported the use of flavin photocatalysts for the lightdriven organocatalytic oxyfunctionalization of alkyl benzenes, we decided to evaluate the usefulness of SAS as a photocatalyst for the oxygenation of alkyl benzenes
  • We demonstrated that simple and commercially available sodium anthraquinone sulfonate could be used as a photocatalyst for the selective oxidation/oxyfunctionalization of a range ofactivated CÀH bonds in alkanes and alkanols

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