Carbon dots-involved chemiluminescence: Recent advances and developments

We summarize and highlight the current developments of carbon dots -involved weak or ultraweak CL systems, as well as the corresponding mechanisms and proper applications in some fields

Dong Mei Wang; Ke Li Lin; Cheng Zhi Huang


Scholarcy highlights

  • In recent years, more and more nanomaterials-based chemiluminescence systems have appeared to improve the sensitivity and expand the scope of the analytical applications with the explosive growth and development of nanomaterials and technology
  • carbon dots can take part in the CL reactions as oxidants, emitting species directly involved in redox oxidation, energy acceptors of CL energy transfer, or even catalysts involving other luminophores
  • They always have more than one role in many cases, owing to the formation of various excited species with short life in CL systems
  • The significant features of the CDs-based CL systems may open up new prospects and challenges in a wider range of fields

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