Platinum-Promoted Ga/Al2O3as Highly Active, Selective, and Stable Catalyst for the Dehydrogenation of Propane

We propose a bifunctional active phase, in which coordinately unsaturated Ga3+ species are the active species and where Pt functions as a promoter

Jesper J. H. B. Sattler


Scholarcy highlights

  • A novel catalyst material for the selective dehydrogenation of propane is presented
  • The USA is at the lowest level of crude oil imports in 25 years
  • While oil production has greatly increased in these shale plays, natural gas has increased even more significantly, with the Energy Information Agency projecting that by 2040, 50 % of the natural gas
  • A complete list of the catalysts prepared and their respective activity and selectivity data for the first, second, and eighth propane dehydrogenation cycle is summarized in Table 1
  • It is surprising that even though the dehydrogenation and oxidation are performed at relatively high temperatures in this study, no such deactivation is observed for the PtGa catalysts: the synergy between the Pt and Ga remains as these materials continue to outperform their analogues, which solely contain Ga
  • Since the only Pt-containing catalyst is almost inactive in the dehydrogenation reaction and the Pt dispersion drops severely after treatment under air at elevated temperatures, it is assumed that coordinately unsaturated Ga3+ species are responsible for the CÀH bond activation

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