Efficacy of Short-term Treatment of Internet and Computer Game Addiction

In favor of STICA, we found pre-post effect sizes of d = 2.57 for AICA-S, d = 1.05 for time spent online on a weekday, d = 1.47 response at weekends, and d = 1.10 for Beck Depression Inventory II

Klaus Wölfling; Kai W. Müller; Michael Dreier; Christian Ruckes; Oliver Deuster; Anil Batra; Karl Mann; Michael Musalek; Andreas Schuster; Tagrid Lemenager; Sara Hanke; Manfred E. Beutel


Scholarcy highlights

  • DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS A multicenter randomized clinical trial was conducted in 4 outpatient clinics in Germany and Austria from January 24, 2012, to June 14, 2017, including follow-ups
  • Remission in the STICA vs wait-list control group was higher, taking into account internet addiction baseline severity, comorbidity, treatment center, and age
  • Further trials investigating the long-term efficacy of STICA and addressing specific groups and subgroups compared with active control conditions are required
  • There are some data on the effects of pharmacotherapy in internet addiction
  • Combining cognitive behavioral therapy and pharmacotherapy could lead to augmented effects
  • The study shows that STICA can be effective in treatment of IA
  • STICA might be used as a benchmark as a nonpharmacologic intervention and serve as a treatment as usual condition in upcoming trials

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